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A Bio-Based Surfactant That’s Built for the Whole World.

EdenSurf’s novel and patent-pending surfactant outperforms traditional products without causing irritation, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing process means that we can make it in serious quantities, fast. Formulators can use EdenSurf to improve performance, replace bad actors, and lower costs while increasing the volume of renewable materials in their products.

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EdenSurf Background Image

A Greener Future

The world of personal care is changing. In the past, consumers saw green products as a luxury, but today’s consumers have raised the bar. Environmental impact is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s essential.

This shift has left formulators scrambling to replace traditional ingredients with more sustainable, planet-friendly ones. Whether they’re trying to meet the most stringent 1,4 dioxane requirements or improve the percentage of bio-based materials in their formulations, today’s formulators are looking to make their products greener while maintaining or improving performance and cost.

That might sound like a tall order,
but not for EdenSurf.


Today’s consumers are demanding more sustainable ingredients in their personal care products, but they aren’t willing to sacrifice performance and they don’t want an increase in price.


This puts formulators in a tough spot, because many of the sustainable ingredients on the market simply can’t solve all of these problems at once.

But EdenSurf can.


The Industrial Revolution of Green Chemistry

EdenSurf allows formulators to improve the overall sustainability of their product while maintaining or improving the product’s effectiveness and cost. And our state-of-the-art manufacturing process means that we can make it as fast as you can use it.

Not only does this solve the availability problem that can come with fermented biosurfactants, but it also lets us fine-tune our products, tailoring them to a variety of end uses.

Formulating with EdenSurf allows products to be custom-tuned in many aspects: foaming, HLB value, wetting, emulsification, and more. This gives us a wide range of potential applications, from personal care to cosmetics, fabric care, and beyond.


93% Bio-Based
Soluble in oil and water
1,4 Dioxane level meets all existing regulations
pH: 6.0-7.0
Solids, %: <0.1
Broad range of applications
High foam stability
Non-irritating to skin and eyes
Low Critical Micelle Conc. (CMC)


Baby products
Mild bubble bath
Bath gels
Body washes
Facial cleansers
Make-up removers

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